Division One Officers 2017

President Ronn Knowles
Vice President Brian Gallogly
Financial Secretary Ed McLaughlin
Recording Secretary Joe Harvey
Treasurer Bob Brennan
Marshal John Gallagher
Sentinel Tom Landry
Chaplain Rev. William Smith
Project St. Patrick Ed McLaughlin




Preside at all meetings of the Division. Be the Executive Office of the Division. Appoint committees for the good and welfare of the order. Rule on questions of law under the constitution. Enforce the laws of the order within the Division. Plan meetings and activities of the Division. Hold the officers of the Division responsible for the activities entrusted to them. Sign all official documents and papers of the Division. Perform such other duties as are usually attached to the office of the President.


Vice President shall have the same powers and perform all the duties of the President in the absence or disability of the President. Be responsible for promoting membership.


Notify members of all meetings of the Division Keep accurate minutes of meetings in bound volume containing numbered sheets. Keep accurate membership roster. Countersign all lawful orders of the Division. Notify applicants of their election and members of their suspension within one week thereafter. Make detail reports on all facts of the Division to the County. State. and National Boards on forms issued by the National Secretary.  Carry out all duties as directed by the by-laws and as directed by the Division he serves.


Be the custodian of all the funds, bonds, securities and instruments held in the name of the Ancient order of Hibernians in America, and deposit same for safe keeping in a bank or savings institution within 10 days after receipt in the appropriate name of the order. Keep a record of all monies received and disbursed on approved forms and books. Pay no money except on voucher signed by the President and countersigned by the Secretary on approved vouchers furnished by the National Secretary. Keep vouchers for all disbursements. Present a financial report to the Division at all meetings or when ordered to do so by a higher authority.


Keep accurate record of membership showing date proposed, date initiated and the dates members received their major degrees. Collect all dues, fees. assessments and fines and keep an accurate record thereof on approved books and forms issued by the National Secretary. Pay the Treasurer all money collected at the close of each meeting. Keep attendance record of all meetings. Make annual financial report. Notify Visiting Committee of sick members.


Acts as the doorkeeper during meetings. Ascertains that all members are in good standing as they seek entrance to the meeting. Assists the Marshal during the order of the Shamrock Degree.


Set up the meeting room for the division meetings. Assists the President in ascertaining that all members attending the meeting are members in good standing.  Assist the President during initiation of candidates, interrogates the candidates according to the ritual. Escorts candidates during Shamrock Degree. Escorts any visiting dignitaries to a place of honor in the hall. Assists the President for miscellaneous activities.


Be in charge of the Grievance Committee that tries all charges filed in writing against a member with the Recording Secretary of the Division. You act as Chairman of the Arbitration Board to settle and adjust all disputes and grievances arising in the Division, and perform such other duties as may be assigned by the Division.